He wrote “L’ombra di Amedeus”.
It’s about Mozart and Gioacchino Rossini.
Amazing book. Great end :D
You’ll love it

Yeah, I’m italian. I got that book some months ago, in october 2013. other country will get it soon :)

Omgosh! I love hunger games percy jackson ulyyses more and a lot.. and you too. Thats great <3 I hope we will be good friend honey. What is your name

Harry Potter is my favourite saga.
Percy Jackson my second favourite saga (but with my favourite writer, Rick Riordan).
Divergent my third favourite and Hunger Games the fourth. (I love Divergent more than Hunger games ^^ )
Ulysses Moore is my favourite Italian saga. Awesome writer, P.D Baccalario

I don’t know how many books will be. Sure another.
I don’t remember well, but Rick Jason and Julia appear near the end of the book.
I read it too time ago ;)

I got it lots weeks ago, so I don’t remember so much about it.
Anyway.. No spoiler? Ok, just something about. New character who find the Metis, an imminent war.
There will be another or more books, because the end is..well.. It needs other books to continue.
Ulysses Moore saga continues!

..you can’t speaks english? So where are you from?

Harry Potter things: Animagus

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